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Category Archives: Pets

Meet Scout!

There’s no doubt this post is way overdue along with a slew of photo sessions waiting to be posted. I’ll just blame it all on sleep deprivation. As you can see, he is absolutely melt-your-heart adorable. Friends have described him in the following ways: crazy cute, over-the-top precious, beautiful…well, you get the picture. That brand...

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garden and gun, oh yes!

I’m not a Southern. My gardening skills can be chalked up to a row of shaggy boxwoods, crape myrtles I always forget to prune, and a backyard that could rival the jungles of ‘Nam.  Oh, and I’m not a fan of guns either, and even less of hunting. But I just love this magazine: the...

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Ah, the downy soft fur, the puppy breath, and the sweet gawkiness…isn’t  Gabbie yummy?  Not so much when she’s left you a little surprise in the hallway!  Well, she hasn’t completely got the “potty training” thing yet, but it’s hard to stay mad at a face like that!  I grabbed a few shots of her while...

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